Known for being extremely private, legendary musician Janet Jackson will relate her life and career in a new documentary.

'Janet Jackson' is the title of the two-part doc. It took five years to film.

The release of the documentary corresponds with the 40th anniversary of the singer's first album.

Samuel L Jackson, Paula Abdul, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariah Carey, Regina King and Janelle Monáe are just some of the interview subjects that can be spotted in the documentary trailer.

We see Janet Jackson return to her family home in the trailer, "where it all started".

The musician opens up about her father's dominance in her career and about his commitments to the Jackson 5.

Matriarch of the family Katherine Jackson is also interviewed. We see her struggling to talk about her deceased son, Michael.

Janet says that the allegations against Michael Jackson made her "guilty by association."

"They build you up and once you get there, they are so quick to tear you down," the singer reflects.

The doc will also address how her career was damaged by the Super Bowl incident in which Justin Timberlake accidentally exposed the singer to the audience.

The 'Janet Jackson' documentary debuts on Sky Documentaries on 31 January. It comes three days after its US premiere on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer below.