Even though it's not going to be on screen for a while yet, it's comforting to know that a 14th season of 'It's Always Sunny...' is on its way.

The show is now tied with 'The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet' as the longest-running sitcom in US television history, and will break that record if it goes for a 15th season. So far, FX haven't yet confirmed if one is happening, but all signs so far seem to point to it happening - providing everyone involved is still willing to make it happen.

Given that both Glenn Howerton's 'AP Bio' and Kaitlin Olson's 'The Mick' were cancelled, it looks like they're probably going to be available for a 15th season. You can probably expect some deep-cut references to these facts as well.

Anyway, the production kicked off with Rob McElhenney capturing a few images from the production offices, including a glimpse at their WiFi situation. That's right - their WiFi is called 'Milk Steak' and the password is 'Magnets33'.

The 13th season of 'It's Always Sunny...' ended with 'Mac Finds His Pride', wherein Mac performed an incredibly emotive dance sequence for his jailbird father, all of which culminated in him revealing to him that he was gay. The show ended on a cliffhanger of sorts, as his father stormed out without saying a word, leaving Mac alone.

It was a major shift in tone for a series that's made its mark with offbeat, dark humour - but one that just about everyone was blown away by.

How it can top that is anyone's guess, but here's hoping they try.