As news broke late last night that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been renewed for two more seasons, the series passed another milestone.

The comedy series will now run for an unprecedented 14 seasons, making it tied with Ozzie & Harriet, a comedy-variety show that ran from the '50s through the '60s on US television. This now makes It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia tied with Ozzie & Harriet as the longest-running comedy series in television history.

The next closest contender is Two And A Half Men, which ran for twelve seasons whilst Cheers, Frasier, Married... With Children and Happy Days all ran for eleven seasons.

Whilst breaking this record is a huge deal for It's Always Sunny, you'd have to wonder how far they can keep it going? Can it run indefinitely? Who knows. One thing's for sure, it hasn't stopped being funny and the quality hasn't flagged all that much in the time's it been on.

Sure, there's been hit-and-miss episodes here and there, but generally, the quality has been consistent. How many comedies can say that? Look at Friends, for example. Right after the London episodes, it fell off a cliff in terms of quality. The Simpsons, fine, that's an animated comedy, but we all know it went crap after Season 10 at best.

Going further back, Frasier was always hit-and-miss generally so some seasons would be good, some not so good. It's Always Sunny... has always get its quality up it.

Must be all the milksteak.