Fans of Deadpool 2 will definitely be excited for this week’s line-up on The Graham Norton Show.

The Merc with the Mouth, Ryan Reynolds himself, will be on the red couch as will Josh Brolin, who earned great acclaim for his performance as Thanos in Infinity War (which will definitely come up given the box office sensation it’s proven to be) and also plays the bad guy, Cable, in the sequel to Deadpool.

Here’s Reynolds chatting about the first Deadpool movie to give you a hint of the hilarity to follow:

The legendary David Beckham will also be on the show and we’ve no doubt that that video he did with Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds will get a mention.

They’ll be joined by Vanessa Kirby, who is best-known for playing Princess Margaret on hit Netflix series The Crown. The actress will be discussing her new role as the titular character in Julie, which is showing in London’s Royal National Theatre.

The musical guest is Joan Armatrading, who has released 18 studio albums over her illustrious forty-year long career. She’ll perform I Like It When We're Together from her new album.

The Graham Norton Show airs tonight at 11.05pm on BBC One.