Virgin Media TV news reporter Paul Quinn was caught with a Penneys bag while his Ireland AM colleague gave her report live from the retailer this morning.

Today is the day when retail shops across Ireland can reopen without having to make a booking beforehand. No doubt we all have a few "bits" to get ourselves in various stores, including Penneys, but at least we probably won't not be caught live on camera doing so, or by our colleagues. Ireland AM was live from Penneys this morning, and one Virgin Media TV presenter was caught making the most of the reopening.

While Ireland AM reporter Brianna Parkins was live from inside Penneys for the reopening of non-essential retail, Paul just happened to walk into shot during that very moment. And he quickly made his exit.

Here's how Paul dealt with the camera obstacle, with the team saying he was doing some "research".

He certainly high-tailed it out of there. Thank goodness for all of those piles of clothes to hide behind.

Owning up to his mishap, Paul tweeted afterwards: "Nearly put me hip out trying to swerve outta the way."