In case you weren't aware, Penneys has launched an online queue in preparation for retail stores reopening in Ireland later this month.

Penneys has launched a virtual queue for shoppers who are bursting to purchase some new glad rags (read: underwear and socks) for the summer.

With all retails stores expected to fully open around Ireland on May 17, and click and collect from May 10, the retail giant has decided to do things differently this year ahead of shops reopening.

Now, instead of queueing outside, you will join a virtual queue, book your selected slot ahead of time, and walk straight into the store in a couple of weeks time. Plus, you've got 45 minutes to walk around while inside, so of course you're going to panic-buy a few bits.

To book your slot, all you have to do is head to the Primark website, and click on the "Book Here" banner scrolled across the top of the page. And then the fun begins. You'll then join the (at the time of writing) indefinite-long virtual queue. Previously, the waiting time was around 45 minutes.

However, it appears the Primark website might have since buckled with the demand from shoppers, as all we're getting is an "Error 404" response after having waited nearly 30 minutes already. And so we join the queue again...

Here's some of the hilarious responses people have been posted on twitter this morning. Happy (virtual) queueing!

Have you managed to book a slot in the Penneys virtual queue?