As if those jungle celebs aren't being put through enough with Bushtucker Trials and food rations, now they have to deal with killer spiders too.

The I'm a Celeb camp has been placed in lockdown only days after the famous folk have arrived due to eight funnel web spiders* that were trying to mooch their way into the camp.

Medic Bob told The Telegraph, "The funnel webs are the most dangerous spider in the world.

"There is an anti-venom and of course none of the celebs have ever been bitten by them - a couple of crew have been bitten in the past."

The spiders were discovered in a camera hide near the sleeping areas. Maybe they just wanted a selfie?

They also found a venomous brown snake near the camp too, with Bob saying; "Normally we don’t get these - we haven’t had one for 15 years. They prefer open paddocks.

"And ours is a rainforest. Well last week we found one in the top helipad. They are very vicious snakes."

Ah lads, would you be well? We'd be on the first plane out of there.

*We are not going to show you a picture of these spiders, because we're sound like that.