It's not very often that you'd have video evidence of car-crash, cringe interviews unless someone bootlegged a copy and put it online.

So it goes with last night's 'Graham Norton' where Madonna and Ian McKellen were on the couch together. More often than not, there's usually plenty of clips from interviews available on YouTube because, well, producers want people talk about their show.

It's the same with us here in the media. They want us to write and talk about it, so you'll in turn read and talk about it yourself. Yet, for all of this media pipeline nonsense, there isn't a single official clip - so far, anyway - of Madonna and Ian McKellen together on the couch for 'Graham Norton'.

Why's that, you ask? Well, if you had watched last night's episode, you probably would have seen one of the cringiest interviews on 'Graham Norton' in a long, long time.

It kicked off with Madonna sitting up front for the first half of the interview, but when Ian McKellen came out, the general idea is that you budge up for the next guest. Madonna, and you can check the footage on this, appeared to make a big deal of pushing down the couch and then proceeded to shift herself away from McKellen.

It made itself even worse when McKellen, telling a delightful story about his 80th birthday and how it was a surprise with people flown out from Los Angeles - to which Madonna put in, "...wasn't me." McKellen hit one back, however, and answered that the reason she wasn't was because she'd forgotten they shared a billing at an event in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, the general air wasn't exactly clear between them for the rest of the show, and Twitter picked up on the whole thing because, well, you couldn't miss it.

Take a look at some of the tweets from last night's show.