Ahead of 'His Dark Materials' returning to our screens this weekend with a second season premiere, word is that the fantasy series will wrap up in breath-taking style.

Based on the popular young adult novels by Philip Pullman, 'His Dark Materials' was given the small-screen treatment in 2019 with the arrival of a BBC series that aimed to make us all forget about that travesty of a movie starring Daniel Craig. Thankfully, the series was praised by critics and viewers alike, and now 'His Dark Materials' season three is already a talking point even before season two's arrival.

According to executive producer and production designer Joel Collins, who recently spoke to Radio Times, he has promised a bumper conclusion to the series.

He told the publication: "The world of season three is exceedingly weird and complicated. The complexity is stepped up in terms of the story, the visuals and the narrative."

Although 'His Dark Materials' season three has yet to be given the all-clear, Collins said it is currently "in the early stages of development".

He continued: "There’s very few of us in a very secret group doing early work, which is exciting and complex. We’re trying to solve the puzzle away from all the eyes and the noise. And it’s that kind of really precious time you get before hundreds of people start asking questions.

"It’s all complicated, but I utterly have an idea of the Mulefa and what their world is, Asriel’s Republic is an amazing place.

"We obviously go to the land of the dead, and what an exciting thing to think about and journey through. It’s literally a huge, complicated and brilliantly fun puzzle."

For book fans of the trilogy, this will come as wonderful news. While the book series begins as a children's tale, there are plenty of intense, dark moments that occur throughout, particularly in 'The Amber Spyglass', the final entry in the series. It is expected that the BBC series will end after three seasons.

Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and Lim-Manuel Miranda will rejoin the cast of season two this weekend. Our own Andrew Scott (and his Daemon voiced by his 'Fleabag' co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge) will debut this season as John Parry.

'His Dark Materials' returns to BBC One this Sunday night with season two beginning at 8.10pm. Here's the trailer.