Last night saw the reveal of Celebrity Big Brother's lineup and, by all accounts, it was a pretty dull and uninteresting affair.

The leaked lineup we reported on over the weekend turned out to be real, which meant there was little surprise to be had as they were announced. The lineup, if you didn't read our earlier report, is as follows:


US reality star Austin Armacost, who previously dated Marc Jacobs.

Hip hop singer Fat Man Scoop, who sang club banger / one-hit wonder Put Your Hands Up.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, who's now doing porn. Yes, really.

Daniel Baldwin, brother of Alec Baldwin and former CBB contestant Steven Baldwin. Also starred in The Sopranos. As himself.

Porn star Jenna Jameson, who retired from porn in 2008.

Porn star Tila Tequila, who also had a reality TV star.



Chris Ellison, who played DCI Burnside (really) in The Bill.

Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton. Remember them / her?

Sherrie Hewson, late of Loose Women and Corrie.

James Hill, who starred in The Apprentice UK and has a criminal record for assault.

Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine from X Factor who totally were in a relationship and not a stunt. No, sir. Not at all.

Presenter Gail Porter, who we're tipping to win right now. You heard it here first.


Meanwhile, Janice Dickinson and Bobby Davro will compete with one another as Team Leaders, with the winner being crowned President or Prime Minister of the Big Brother House.

So, thoughts? It's poor. Pi** poor. With the exception of a few of the housemates, most of them truly had people scratching their heads as to who they were. Jenna Jameson, for example, was met with a crowd chanting 'Who Are You?', whilst anyone under the age of 30 had no clue who Chris Ellison was.

As for antics inside the house, it's pretty clear that Farrah Abraham and Natasha Hamilton are going to clash with one another as sly digs and comments were thrown in the few minutes we bothered to watch. At this stage, though, who honestly cares?

The contestants for this year really does say a lot about just how far Celebrity Big Brother's prestige factor has plummeted since the show left Channel 4. The budget to attract guests this time around must have been well and truly slashed if this is what they could attract to take part.

Not only that, it's pretty clear that throwing THREE porn stars into the house is a desperate attempt at getting the ratings (heh) up from last year's poor showing. While dignity isn't exactly a big part of Celebrity Big Brother, the best way to save what's left of it is to wrap it all up now and go home.