If you're single, ready to mingle, looking for love in all the wrong places, then the 'Late Late Show Valentine's Special' this year is as good a place as any.

RTE is now looking for participants for the annual special, with this year's episode taking place on Friday, February 8th and applications open from today.

In a press release, Tubridy said that the show wants to "hear from anyone who is looking for a little romance in their lives."

Here's the opening from last year, to give you an idea.

As Tubridy explained, "in this age of dating apps and social media, we’re going back to basics and want to spark some love – on live TV! As always, the show will be great fun, and you never know, there could be someone for everyone in the audience."

Nice little reference there. Anyway, the press release specifically states that all entrants must be single in order to maximise the chances of making a love connection in the audience, and obviously over 18.

Simply follow this link, fill out the application, let them know what your love life is like, and we'll probably be writing about you the day after the show airs.