So, in the fine tradition of taking great UK TV shows and attempting to re-mould them for the US market, the American TV networks went and made a pilot for a US version of Have I Got News For You. Now there's talk of it actually being picked up by a network.

The pilot has never been broadcast but Sherrod Small, a US comedian who served as a team captain, was spied tweeting a response to a fan who asked when the show would hit the airwaves. "Don't know" it read. "Last I heard NBC and CNN are really interested too so we will see. I'm ready to start taping! #HIGNFY"

I'm not too sure how I feel about the Americans adapting HIGNFY. Skins absolutely bombed in the US and The Inbetweeners didn't fare much better. Then again, The US Office was hugely popular. Still, it's be tough to replicate the magic of the UK original, which has been on our screens since 1990. (Seriously, it's almost as old as me!)

There'd be no Paul Merton or Ian Hislop for one, and that, my dears, would be a crying shame.