It was a year of some well and truly smashing telly, the best of which you can find nominated in our Erics Awards this year, but just what were the shows Irish people were talking about most on social media in 2014?

Well the stats have been released, and it may come as no surprise to many that Vincent Browne has come out tops. The presenter generally has the 'Twitter Machine' as he calls it, in a frenzy with the topics up for debate in his late night current affairs show, and given that it's on every weekday, it's not surprising it's at number one.

The Late Late Show comes in at number three, and has generally been responsible for some great moments on our telly box this year. Who could forget Linda Martin going for your man from Aslan during the Eurosong show?

Love/Hate comes in at number 7, which may be lower down than you'd think but bear in mind this show was only on for one hour every Sunday for just six weeks in a row. It's doing pretty well in that context.

Amber is at number ten, probably because the whole country took to Twitter exasperated at its non-conclusive ending after it took over four nights in a row of prime time viewing on RTE earlier this year.

Take a look at the full list below;

1. #vinb (Vincent Browne)
2. #RTEPT (RTE Prime Time)
3. #LateLate (The Late Late Show)
4. #CBB (Celebrity Big Brother)
5. #xfactor
6. #GBBO (Great British Bake Off)
7. #lovehate
8. # MOTD (Match of the Day)
9. #exonthebeach
10. #Amber