Last week they took Michael, and this week another fan favourite got the chop (slice?) from the increasingly brutal 'Great British Bake Off'.

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty of the series now, where there's no room for error and Paul and Prue are a lot less forgiving of any feck-ups.

But still... Henry? Nooooo!

With the series being filmed over the summer and during the heatwave, it proved extra challenging for the contestants during the quarter-final - but the shirt-and-tie-wearing 20-year-old had a fairly disastrous pastry week as his Moroccan Pie literally crumbled. His showstopper was equally bad, with Paul particularly unimpressed with his dry pies.

It now means that the semi-finalists are Steph, Alice, David and Rosie. And let's be honest, at this stage it'd be a miracle if Steph didn't win.

Here's how people reacted to Henry's departure...