Although he chose two old-school classics and seemed to be having more fun than anyone else on stage, time was finally called on Grandfather Clock's run on 'The Masked Singer UK' last night.

Last night's show saw Harlequin, Bush Baby, Viking, Blob and Grandfather Clock battle it out, before Grandfather Clock went into a one-on-one with Viking. In a way, Grandfather Clock's song choices thus far definitely marked him out as an older person.

Nobody under 25 has even heard of Barry Manilow, for one. At any rate, Grandfather Clock chose 'Can't Smile With You' from 1977 while Viking ended up picking Seal's 1991 dance hit, 'Crazy'.

Unfortunately, none of the judges clocked that it was none other than former England football coach Glenn Hoddle underneath the mask. Here's the moment when Hoddle was revealed by Joel Dommett.

By all accounts, however, Hoddle seemed a good sport about the whole thing and seemed to enjoy his time on the crazy show. "It (the costume) was so endearing, wasn't it? When I saw it, I just fell in love with it - it was beautiful," Hoddle explained after the reveal. "It's been a bit surreal. It's been great fun. I've loved it."

With just eight singers left, rumours are flying as to who's left, with names like Olly Murs being linked to Viking. Any guesses of your own? Let us know!