Beloved 90s hit 'Gladiators' is getting a reboot at the BBC next year.

The show that brought lycra to the masses was a staple of Saturday tea-time television in the 90s, and now the BBC are looking to bring it back for a new generation.

The BBC are currently in talks to bring the show back, travelator and suspension bridge included.

Broadcast Magazine are reporting (via The Guardian) that filming is planned to begin in Sheffield in 2023, with the indoor Sheffield Arena already earmarked for use by production.

“It’s exactly the kind of Saturday night family entertainment show that BBC One needs,” a source told Broadcast magazine.

A new set of preliminary “gladiators” has already been selected, but here's hoping Wolf is still able to make an appearance.

The original run of 'Gladiators' aired on ITV between 1992 and 2000, and a reboot of the series was previously attempted in 2008 on Sky One.

The 90s run of the show was hosted by Ulrika Johnson.

Famous for its catchphrase "Contender ready! Gladiator ready!", the show was famous for putting its contestants through the wringer with tasks like the Gauntlet and Power Zone.

Members of the public were tasked with completing tough tasks against the cast of Gladiators, all under the all-seeing eye of referee John Anderson.

The staple of 90s television is the latest in famous shows from the decade to get the revival treatment, with shows like 'Fraiser' and 'Quantum Leap' making comebacks.

We're still holding out hope for a revival of 'Blackboard Jungle', mind you.

The revival of 'Gladiators' is expected to air in early 2023, with filming due to take place later this year.