Back in the day, Gladiators was a staple of Saturday evening viewing. Everybody had their favourites, we all dreamed of being on it one day, and if your parents managed to takes their eyes off you long enough, you had your own version of it recreated with the sitting room cushions most weekends.

Today marks the show's 25th anniversary, and to celebrate This Morning had four of the Gladiators in studio alongside the show's famous referee John Anderson for a chat about the iconic series and what they have done since.

Jet (Diane Youdale), Hunter (James Crossley), Panther (Helen O'Reilly) and Ace (Warren Furman) all look back fondly on their days on the show although it definitely wasn't an easy gig.

"Injuries aside, it was amazing," said Jet. "A lot of the guys bounced back. I bruised my spinal cord quite badly and left after four and a half years."

Jet (who has still got that impressive hair flick) is now a psychotherapist, Hunter is a personal trainer, Panther runs her own gym, while Ace, who was once engaged to Katie Price, has found God it seems.

"I had a real turd in the swimming pool moment. I used to think I was really blessed because I had all this money, girls, everything. I was too busy looking down at people to ever look up," he explained.

"It was really interesting for me because God will forgive the sin. He'll take the turd out of the pool and you're in a relationship with him."

Err, right. Anyways, aren't they looking well?