TV production is a strange art because, if it's done right, it can look effortless and completely natural.

Good examples? David Letterman's show in the '90s was a chaotic mixture of actual monkeys with cameras strapped to them, Paul Newman appearing in the crowd out of nowhere, and general giddiness. All produced to within an inch of its life.

Bad example? Well, this from Sky Sports where Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville, after discussing a few points with Kelly Cates, then turn and walk away from her.

So, what was actually the story with it? As it turns out, not that much. Simply a case of the camera somehow leaving Cates in the shot as it moved to Neville and Carragher, who were on their way to interview Southampton manager Ralph Hassenhuttl in the tunnel.

There you go. Mystery solved, but it still looks sort of stupid, and it's not the first time Jamie Carragher has looked a bit off on TV either.