Gary Neville has become the pundit of choice for a lot of football fans lately, given his insights into the game, and here both he and Jamie Redknapp show that they take an interest in all levels of the game. 

In this clip, the lads take to doing their usual level of dissection and analysis on a screamer of a goal from Sunday League football. 

This particular footage however is not real, as it's all been made for the purpose of an ad. Sneaky, eh? The ad is promoting Budweiser's campaign to get people to upload their own videos of their Sunday League exploits to have the chance to get them dissected by the lads at Sky Sports, which would be pretty great we have to say, if only we'd ever scored for our Sunday League team. That's just not our game, we're more of a creative player that opens the game up for others to score. 

Anyway, you should probably be able to tell that this screamer isn't the real deal given that the guy who scored is conveniently wearing Budweiser colours, it's shot from multiple angles on quality cameras, and the ball is clearly computer generated. Hopefully they will actually get a real one to analyse at some stage, which should be a bit better than this, and will feature less use of the word swazz, which is not a word.

Via Who Ate All the Pies