The 2010s edition of 'Reeling in the Years' continued last night, with the most recent episode covering the year 2014. The event that stood out to viewers the most was undoubtedly the mess that was the Garth Brooks concerts...

As a reminder, 2014 saw country western legend Garth Brooks announce that he would be coming back to perform at Croke Park for the first time since 1997.

Initially, he was playing only two dates on July 25th and 26th.

Then due to popular demand, a third, fourth and fifth date were added.

Altogether, over 400,000 people had tickets and were only delighted.

However, they hadn't secured a license to play five dates.

Thus Garth Brooks cancelled all his gigs, much to the outrage of fans.

The scandal went as far as to be discussed by the Dáil.

It was an insane, shocking turn of events.

Here's what viewers at home had to say about the Garth Brooks disaster on Twitter.

Garth Brooks trauma aside, 'Reeling in the Years' continues this Sunday on RTÉ One.

The next episode covers 2015. Such national headlines as the same sex marriage referendum, and the tragic apartment collapse in California which took the lives of five Irish students, will be covered.

Internationally, such events as the refugee crisis, the Conservatives win in the UK general election, and the ISIS attacks in Paris will likely feature.

In pop culture, Adele released her album '25', so expect at least one song from it to feature on the soundtrack.