'Game of Thrones' may have concluded months ago but fans are still sharing theories about the finale.

One of the highlights of the series, in spite of its many issues, had to be Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). Who can forget that awesome showdown between her and the Night King?

The young Stark sister survived to the end and sailed off the explore the world in that last episode.

But Reddit user seedyProfessor believes that wasn't really Arya. They believe that Arya was in fact killed during her fight with The Waif the previous season.

They argue that the Waif took Arya's face and assumed her identity for the rest of 'Game of Thrones'. This would explain her abandonment of the kill list.

The Reddit user writes:

"She had a list of people to kill, that was supposed to later serve as a sacrifice to the many faced God.

"In the books, she never gave up on this list. In the series, she got to the red keep and the hound turned her away telling her to be safe, because it was dangerous to hunt Cersei.

"It reminded me of how The Hound was on her list too, and I was burning with rage seeing Arya give up on 2 kills when it was supposed to be her life's mission.

"This just reinforces my Arya is the Waif theory."

Or, you know, it was just bad, inconsistent writing.