Who would have believed back in 2011 that a medieval fantasy show about dragons and zombies - starring pretty much nobody famous other than Sean Bean - would one day become the most popular TV series in the world? But here we all are (albeit without Sean Bean).

As we soon prepare to say goodbye to 'Game of Thrones' forever, it's worth looking back at just how far they have come since that opening episode at Winterfell.

The cast could have had no idea what they were letting themselves in for when they signed on the dotted line for this series, some of which have pretty much grown up on the show.

The characters have had their lives thrown into so much turmoil, that it's almost hard to remember those opening episodes of season one when the Starks were all just one big sort-of-happy family.

Sigh. They should never have left Winterfell.

The opening episode of season 8 gave fans a homage to this first episode with many parallels throughout. It was a good reminder of how much they have all changed since then, but in case you wanted any further a reminder, take a look below.

They have all got a lot more solemn looking, that's for sure.