Just when the furore around #CoffeeCupGate was beginning to die down, 'Game of Thrones' fans have spotted yet another gaffe.

If you've seen Episode 5, 'The Bells', you'll be aware that Jaime Lannister has a prominent role as he attempts to reach Cersei in the Red Keep of King's Landing. (If you haven't seen it, why are you reading this? There are spoilers everywhere, people.)

Indeed, his golden hand is mentioned (or noticed) several times throughout the episode. First when Tyrion chastises him for not hiding it upon his capture; then later, as he waves it trying to get the attention of the soldiers who've closed the gates.

So you might think that someone may have spotted that he 'magically' appeared to grow his hand back as he embraces Cersei, despite losing it in Season 3...

[UPDATE]: HOWEVER.... it appears that the photo (above) being shared around on social media exposing the blunder was an official promo photo from the episode released by HBO, rather than a screenshot from the episode itself.

They confirmed to Fox News that the error "did not make it into the actual episode but only appeared in a promotional still."

Indeed, if you re-watch the scene in question, his right hand is out of shot entirely.

Still, lads...