One of our all-time favourite TV personalities is in Dublin right now - none other than Judge Judith Shiendlin, better known as Judge Judy, from the show of the same name.

Judge Judy - because you can't just call her Judy, like - is a regular visitor to our shores and was spotted last night at a performance of Riverdance in the Gaiety.

The small claims court Judge, who has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, posed for a photo with the cast and crew before heading off for the night.


It's understood that one of the world's largest residential yachts is also in town, possibly housing Judge Judy as she's a fan of sailing and the like.


Her arrival's caused a bit of a stir, with people already lining up cases for her to try while she's here.


The real question we want to know is whether or not she packs her gavel with her and bangs it every so often when people are disrespecting her.

We desperately want to believe that to be true. Also, does she hang out with her bailiff Byrd after work? Or is it just a professional thing?

See what we mean? SO. Many. Questions.


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