'Friends' stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow reunited on zoom lately and it was the sweetest.

The two actresses were participating in the Variety series 'Actors on Actors', but they had much more to talk about than just 'Friends'.

The actors shared their favourite memories from the sitcom, as to be expected. Though hilariously, they seemed to struggle to remember exactly what happened in the episodes or any of their lines.

They also chatted about their more recent work, such as Aniston's 'The Morning Show' and Kudrow's Netflix series 'Space Force'.

The latter praised the former's performance while they also related their experiences of working with Steve Carell.

Don't worry though, there's still plenty of talk about their famous sitcom. Aniston can even remember what the actresses, including Courteney Cox, wore to the first table read, where they all first met. Nawww.

It's an hour long chat so you have to put aside some time for it.

But it's definitely worth it watching two phenomenal actresses reflect on their impressive careers; and to see two genuine mates catching up and having a laugh.

If you're just looking for that sweet 'Friends' content, they talk about it for the first 5 minutes.