In our latest quiz, we're looking at even more obscure characters that popped up in 'Friends'.

Whether they were relatives of the main six characters or - more often than not - their dodgy dates, you'd forget just how many secondary characters popped up in 'Friends' over its ten year run.

Some were played by the likes of Julia Roberts, Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller, to name a few.

For others, the sitcom launched their careers.

In the past we've asked which of the six 'Friends' leads are you, as well as offering a timed quiz and a quotes quiz.

As for obscure character quizzes, we've covered the likes of the MCU'Star Wars''Futurama''The Simpsons' and 'Father Ted'.

Now you can try our latest quiz and see if you get 10 out of 10.

This is a celebrity edition, so there'll be lots of familiar faces. You'd easily forget just how many cameos there were over its ten seasons.

We'll give you a bonus point for naming the 'Friends' character in the main image of the article.

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