Two of the former cast members on 'Friends' have come forward to claim that exes on the hit series were "wronged". In fairness, their argument is pretty compelling.

Alexandra Holden plays Elizabeth while Bonnie Somerville played Mona on 'Friends'. In case you need a reminder, both dated Ross with Elizabeth being one of his students and Mona coming later in the series.

In the joke video for EW, the actresses argue that all the exes on the sitcom got a raw deal.

They even ask: "Did the friends even like anybody but each other?"

Adds Somerville: "They only let one person into the circle for good and that was Paul Rudd. Sure, fine, he doesn't age. But what does Mike Hannigan have that Mona doesn't?"

Watch the video in full below. Like we said, they have a point.

In other news related to the show, Lisa Kudrow recently opened up about struggling playing Phoebe on the show.