On Friday night, 'The Late Late Show' host quizzed the 'Derry Girls' actor about her age. Jamie Lee O'Donnell was unimpressed and it's not the first time the host has pestered her for an answer to that question.

When Tubridy opened up the question around the 'Derry Girls' actor's age, she clearly was not down to chat about it, telling him, "I'm 117. Very wise". But Tubridy chose to pursue the answer.

Speaking up against the "misogynistic" question, the actor retorted saying it "gets on my nerves a wee bit". The pair proceed to do an awkward stumble over each other as Tubridy interjects when she explains "men don't get the same scrutiny in their career".

It seems pretty obvious that Tubridy is trying to cover his tracks but it comes across... poorly, especially after you've been accused of a misogynistic question and go on to steamroll your guest while she was trying to speak.

Apparently, it's not the first time the two have butted heads over the same question. Independent.ie reports that on Tubridy's radio show on RTÉ Radio One back in 2018, he was at her again about the same question.

He brings up the question "You play a 16-year-old, you are what age in real life?" and even though Jamie Lee handles it well, "Not 16", the host continues down that avenue.

Jamie Lee explains part of her reasoning for refusing to answer what feels like an investigation, "Well no, because I think a bit of a big deal was made of it with Nicola and I don't think it was very fair" (Nicola is her co-star, by the by).

So... we've got to wonder, what made him think that she would be more inclined to answer it now, 4 years later? Anyway, they recover eventually and go on to chat and reminisce about working with Liam Neeson, what they'll do with the 'Derry Girls' wardrobe once the show wraps, and a potential ten-year reunion.

Have a look for yourself at the really awkward moment on 'The Late Late Show' last Friday.