Liam Neeson is practically Ireland's dad and he has the cheesy impersonations to match. We love him for it.

This week saw Liam Neeson appear on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to promote his latest action movie 'Blacklight'.

He kicked things off well by gifting the host a bag of tequila from his son's business (see, he's a proud dad too).

The actor spoke about working on a 'Naked Gun' reboot with Seth MacFarlane.

Liam Neeson also reflected on one of the biggest movies of his career, 'Taken', and what a shock surprise hit it was.

He also spoke about starring opposite Brian Tyree Henry in 'Widows', and admitted he thought it was "one film I was totally miscast in."

"I was almost in tears, I was so bad in it," he said.

The actor then spoke about practicing "Blue Steel" for photos with his 'Widows' co-stars, and that he does the move "all the time."

"I loved 'Zoolander'", he said, adding that he also encouraged Chris Hemsworth to do the pose when they worked together.

Naturally, Liam Neeson then did his best "Blue Steel" to camera, following it with the almost as popular (and almost identical) "Magnum" pose.

Skip below to about 3 and a half mins in to see it.

Brilliant stuff.