Ah sure doesn't John Hamm look handsome look handsome in just about anything? Even pencil. The Mad Men star is in his stride as Don Draper in the first official poster for the upcoming 6th series, which dropped earlier today.

AMC decided to draft in legendary British illustrator Brian Sanders, who began his own career creating ads in the 1960s, to create the latest promotional poster. He told the New York Times that the series took him back about 50 years, and even tempted him to take up smoking again. "I almost wanted to reach for a cigarette, and I haven't had one for 30-odd years", he said.

So why did they go for an illustration the eh? Sanders may have been giving us a clue when he told the newspaper that "the show is telling the history of advertising, and part of that story is about photography completely eclipsing illustration."

What do you make of the new poster?