‘American Horror Story’ co-creator Ryan Murphy has shared our first look at the series’ eighth season, ‘Apocalypse’. It sees the witches from season 3's ‘Coven’ reunited with singer Stevie Nicks.

The Fleetwood Mac singer had a memorable cameo in season 3 that played up to her "white witch" stage persona. 

Murphy shared a picture of Nicks as well as Sarah Paulson's Cordelia and Lily Rabe's Misty with the caption: "The Return. Cordelia, Stevie and Misty casting a bewitching spell."


The Return. Cordelia, Stevie and Misty casting a bewitching spell.

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Another photo Murphy shared on Twitter features even more faces from ‘American Horror Story’'s past, including Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe and Taissa Farmiga, who posed alongside Nicks, Paulson and Rabe. It’s the first time some of the characters have been seen on-screen since 2013.

Murphy wrote: "The Coven Returns. What a thrilling night with the legend Stevie Nicks on the set of AHS."

The showrunner previously confirmed that the upcoming series will be a crossover event featuring characters from ‘Murder House’ (season 1) – such as Jessica Lange’s Constance Langdon – and ‘Coven’ (season 3).

It will see Cordelia and the Coven attempt to stop the Antichrist (a grown-up Michael Langdon from ‘Murder House’ as played by Cody Fern) from ending the world.

Its first teaser was dropped earlier this month.