Channel 4's First Dates is on its way to our shores for what we are hoping will be a gloriously spectacular cringefest. The show has been a huge success since it first aired in the UK back in 2013, although the premise of it is simple enough - watch two strangers go on a first date together.

We all know how utterly nerve-racking that can be at times so there's a lot to be said for watching it unfold all from the comfort of your own couch. While judging. Naturally.

The location of the show has yet to be revealed along with whoever will be the Irish version of Fred Sirieix, Maître D' of the Channel 4 First Dates' restaurant, who has become a bit of a star in his own right.

The show is being developed here by Coco Television and is set to air in the New Year on RTE2. Of course it won't be a show without some daters so the makers are currently putting the call out for people to apply.

So you should give it a go. We would however advise you wear your Sunday best and do the parish proud, or your mammy will not be happy.

For more information on First Dates, or to apply, visit