Our favourite Irish housekeeper has gone and landed herself a role on Albert Square. Actress Pauline McGlynn has just been cast and will make her debut on the soap in May, so not long wait at all!

McGlynn will play Yvonne Cotton, mother of Dot Branning's grandson Charlie, who has also only recently landed on the Square, following the death of Dot's son Nick.

The actress told Digital Spy; "It is a thrill to join Eastenders, my favourite soap, and in particular any chance to be part of a Dot Cotton storyline is not to be passed up. June Brown is a legend and I feel privileged to act with her."

Executive producer of the soap, Dominic Treadwell-Collins also said, "I have always been a little in love with Pauline McLynn so I'm so excited that she's joining the Cotton family. It was about time Albert Square had another Irish character and I know that viewers are going to both love and be intrigued by Yvonne Cotton."