'Game of Thrones' season 8 is in full swing by now, with anticipation soaring for next week's big battle episode.

Episode two, 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' proved to be a calm before the storm episode of sorts, with a lot of foreshadowing and setting up what's to come next week.

And with the epic battle set up came lots of discussions, reunions, and knighting. For everything 'Game of Thrones' related, head over to our dedicated page here.

Of course, one of the most awkward of interactions in the episode was when Daenerys goes to have a one-on-one chat with Sansa. While the conversation starts off icy, then warms slightly, it all gets dragged down into the icy depths again and ends up not even coming to a real conclusion. However, fans have made a new meme out of Daenerys' squint from the encounter - and here are some of the best we've seen.

Why is this still a joke?


We're guilty of this one.


Definitely this one as well.


Oh, and this one too.


If emails could be a face...


*Spends five minutes pretending to look in the back*


Don't be that guy.


You're going to pay for that later when they're gone.


Smugness never looks so backhanded.




"I love having no social life."


Quite accurate for Dani to be honest.


Not forgetting the parallels between Thor and Bruce Banner in 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

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