Like everywhere else in the world, movie and TV productions have shut down due to social distancing and lockdown measures.

However, the UK has now begun to ease restrictions and TV productions are beginning to scale up production of their shows, with 'Emmerdale' the first out of the gate. In a press release earlier today, ITV confirmed that the soap has begun filming new episodes from yesterday, with a scaled-back production crew.

Per the release, the measures are pretty extensive for filming and include "social distancing, filming units staying together to work in designated studios with crew using their own sanitised equipment, office staff continuing to work from home to ensure fewer people on the ground, no location filming, scripts featuring a smaller number of actors and fewer scenes to avoid camera moves."

So far, 'Emmerdale' have curtailed their schedule, as has 'Corrie' and 'Eastenders', but the likelihood was that all soaps were due to run out pretty soon if production didn't resume. As for major movie productions, however, the question remains when and how they'll be able to resume.