Although it's not yet known when restrictions will be lifted, TV shows in the UK and the US are beginning to feel the strain.

UK soaps, in particular, are hard hit and while shows like 'Corrie' and 'Eastenders' have reduced their airing schedule, it's a measure that can't last forever. In fact, it's now understood that producers in 'Corrie' are panicked that they're going to run out of episodes to air.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, Beverly Callard - who plays Liz McDonald on the show - has said that producers on the show are getting worried. "Even if it does come to an end and we run out of episodes, the writers will be going mad, they’ll be excited to create new storylines and everything."

Previously, Andy Whyment - who plays Kirk Sutherland on the show - estimated that the show could continue to run until July at its current rate, adding that production would need to resume in the middle of June in order to ensure the show doesn't go off air.

In the UK, lockdown measures have been extended by a further three weeks while here in Ireland, lockdown measures are due to be eased by May 5th. As it stands, it's not yet known if and when TV and movie productions can resume normal schedules.

In the US, the Directors Guild of America is currently trying to work out how movie shoots can resume with effective social distancing measures in place.