We won't lie, we were already looking forward to Stacey Branning's return to EastEnders but now that they've cast a McBusted boy in the role of her new fella we're even more intrigued.

Former Busted bassist and McBusted band member Matt Willis has joined the soap as Luke, an ambitious and hard working young fella who just wants to do right by his family. Except Stacey ain't exactly been 'doing right' by him (of course she hasn't) because she's kept a fair bit of her past a secret from the lad.

"I am so thrilled to be a part of such an iconic show" Willis, who was originally an actor, said. "I grew up watching EastEnders so this is really exciting for me!" And it's fairly exciting for the EastEnders producers too, who will no doubt be banking on all those McBusted fans tuning in.

"I've always loved Matt and it will be a real treat for viewers to watch him and Lacey together on screen as part of her return to the Square" exectuvie producer Dominic Treadwell Collins said. "Luke gives as good as he gets, so is a great foil to Stacey. Pity she's been lying to him since the day she met him..."