If you thought the last appearance of Dustin the Turkey this season was on last weekend's episode of 'The Den', you'd be wrong. Everyone's favourite poultry popped up in last night's episode of 'Claire Byrne Live' to wide acclaim.

The live broadcast saw Dustin the Turkey mercilessly tease the talk show host about her "cacks".

A few weeks ago, the cheeky puppet had made up a song that Byrne hadn't changed her "cacks" for weeks and it's proven rather catchy.

Byrne said that thanks to the Dustin's song she gets made fun of even by her children.

"I’ve lost all control in my house," she told him. "When I try to give out to them, they sing your song to me and that’s the end of it."

Dustin retorted: "You’ve no idea what you’ve put your house through. They were wearing six or seven masks by the end of it!"

He just wouldn't let it go.  But in fairness, Claire got her own back too, saying they'd his cousin laid out on the table.

Watch the clip here:


Viewers at home were loving it.