The return of 'The Den' culminated last night with the arrival of some familiar - and surprising - faces.

What an episode, and a fantastic way to ring out the end of the series. The final episode of 'The Den' kicked off last night with the arrival of one of the more dastardly of characters from ;The Den' Christmas past - Podge.

If you're any sort of true fan of 'The Den', you'll remember the Christmas crisis episode where Podge attempted to tie up Santa in the North Pole and pretend to be the man in the red suit. The 1992 edition of the Christmas children's show was arguably one of the most memorable, and hilarious, Christmas episodes made.

Anyway, Podge has since managed to return to create an upset last night for Ray, Zig, Zag, Dustin, and... Mark Hamill?

After an appearance from Galway actor Nicola Coughlan, from 'Derry Girls' and Netflix's upcoming 'Birdgerton', Podge began to shake things up on set.

Yep, Podge the "Nelf" (naughty elf), captured the naïve Zag and locked him up in the props room in RTÉ, telling the rest of the gang that he had gone back to the planet Zog.

But following a live video call from 'Star Wars' actor Mark Hamill, and then a pre-recorded message from Whoppi Goldberg, the gang began to get suspicious of the new puppet.

In the end, it was down to Santa to return the favour, and come and save the day. Here's the best rection 'The Den' Christmas special has been getting online.

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