'Dublin Murders' came to its mind-bending conclusion last night on RTÉ One and the night before on BBC One. Away with you if you're not up to date.

For the rest of you, what. the. actual. f**k. Excuse our swearing but we didn't invest eight hours of life only to not find out what happened to those kids in the woods. Some kind of high king that steals babies and a creepy wolf were about the only answers we got and I'm sorry but just no. NO, 'Dublin Murders'.

Sure there were some kind of supernatural elements brought into the show, but it certainly wasn't developed enough to let it serve as a substantial cause of death.

On the other hand, the Katie murder plot was executed excellently with a superb twist taken up a notch by a chilling performance from Leah McNamara as Rosalind Devlin. And speaking of performances, you could absolutely not fault Sarah Greene and Killian Scott who were eye-openingly good in this. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor essentially played a more toned-down Nidge, but that was pretty much the kind of character Frank McKey was.

Despite being unnecessarily over-complicated at times - no doubt because it is essentially two books adapted into one season - the whole series looked and felt incredibly atmospheric. It built up to last night's initial reveal wonderfully so it's a real pity it fell down in the final hurdle.

Also, are we just supposed to accept that Lexi was Cassie's doppelganger? Like, is that the takeaway there? So many questions.

Well... Rob was 100% the baby daddy, but agreed.

To the woods!