Fans were more than a little disappointed to hear that Louis CK's semi-biographical TV series, Louie, was taking an "extended hiatus".

More often than not, an extended hiatus usually means a show's been cancelled or - in some rare cases - that it's purely down to scheduling or something. With Louie, it's the latter as Louis CK is now hot property for film studios.

At the recent TCA event in Los Angeles, FX's head honcho John Landgraf further compounded the bad news about Louie's fate. "We still talk about making more seasons... (h)e certainly hasn’t promised me further seasons of it," Landgraf explained.

Louis CK himself even confirmed the bad news, saying that he really doesn't know when it's coming back - if at all. 

"I don’t know. I just don’t know. I don’t know. I think about it sometimes and I just don’t know," said Louis CK during a press conference yesterday. "It’s such an autobigraphical thing that I could do a version of ‘Louie’ when he’s 60, if anyone gives a sh-t… By the time I want to, I might say, ‘Hey guys,’ and they’ll be like, ‘Who is this?'"

As it stands, Louis CK isn't short for work. He'll be starring in the upcoming animated comedy The Secret Life Of Pets alongside Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet and Steve Coogan that's due out in the summer and is serving as an executive producer on Zach Galifinakins' new show, Baskets.

There's already been comparison between Galifinakis' show, Baskets, and Louie. However, Louis CK was quick to distance the two, although he was pretty effusive about it. "I think it’s very different. It operates on a different frequency. I think Zach’s show succeeds on many levels that my show doesn’t,” CK said. "He kind of ignites a laughter. He’s much more generous of a performer than I am. So I think in a lot of ways, I prefer Zach’s show just in terms of the comedy."

In the meantime, we'll just have to sit, wait and hope for a sixth season of Louie.


Via Variety