You'd have to imagine that HBO probably aren't exactly pleased that the US President is using the font from their flagship series to promote his own policies.

At any rate, Donald Trump posted a poster on his Twitter and Instagram today that 'The Wall Is Coming' in the font used by 'Game of Thrones', mimicking the phrase 'Winter Is Coming' in the series.

Here's said tweet, which is now pinned to the top of his Twitter profile.

Never mind the fact that Donald Trump's probably never watched a full episode, never mind read the actual books, both of them basically talk about how A) walls are inherently bad, and B) they don't actually work.

In fact, the last episode of the series just gone literally sees the Wall blown apart and an Ice Dragon rolling through. So, really, the Wall is ultimately proven to be useless against stopping anything.

Then again, since when has facts stopped Donald Trump from doing anything he wants to do? As you can imagine, a lot of the replies had some of their own spins on the image.

George RR Martin, meanwhile, retweeted an article from the New York Times that pointed out quite rightly that 'Game of Thrones' doesn't say what Donald Trump thinks it does.

But again, does he care about any of this? Absolutely not.