'Derry Girls' will be ending after 3 seasons, and Channel 4 have given fans an early Christmas present with a quick 20-second teaser.

The hit sitcom wrapped up filming of its final season this week, and the teaser shows the core 'Derry Girls' gang in a stand-off with the police.

The show is an irreverent take on growing up in Derry in the 1990s and has become an unlikely global hit in the process.

Star Nicola Coughlan tweeted "it's been quite a ride" after filming finished and show creator Lisa McGee tweeted a selfie from the set entitled "last day of school"

There have been no new episodes of the sitcom since 2019 after the production of season 3 was delayed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Show creator Lisa McGee has stated that the show was always intended to end after 3 seasons which continues the grand tradition of great British and Irish sitcoms ending after less than 30 episodes.

In a statement in September, McGee said "Who knows if Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle and James will return in some other guide someday, but for now, this is it for us and we're excited to start filming this series with our incredible cast and crew to hopefully take our loyal fans on one last adventure."

"Derry Girls is a love letter to the place I come from and the people who shaped me. It has been an honour to write it and I will forever be proud of everything it's achieved," she added.

The clip confirms that the show will debut sometime in 2022.