Dave Chapelle is arguably one of the greatest comedians working today and much of that is due to his uncompromising attitude to his work.

You only need to look at the short-lived Chapelle Show on Comedy Central and its frank depiction of social issue funneled through comedy was unlike any other before or since. Therefore, it's more than a little interesting to see Chapelle agree to host SNL next week.

That decision, most likely, has something to do with the date in question - November 12th is the day after Election Day. This season, SNL has really worked some incredible sketches with Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump being a real highlight, not to mention SNL stalwart Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton knocking it out of the park with each and every sketch.

Not only that, the musical guests on the night will be none other than A Tribe Called Quest, one of the pioneers of alternative hip-hop. It's not yet known if Tribe will be playing any tracks from their forthcoming and supposedly final album, We Got It From Here Thank U 4 Your Service, but it is known that Chapelle and the group are famously close.

We'll have a full roundup of the show when after the broadcast on November 13th.


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