No Time To Die's release might have been postponed to November but Daniel Craig's SNL hosting duties went ahead as planned.

The 007 actor's opening monologue contained Fleabag references, reflections on being a New Yorker, and a sneak peek at Daniel Craig's 'favourite scene' from No Time To Die, which he confirmed will definitely be his final outing as Bond.

As he mentions in the monologue, Fleabag's creator and star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, was brought on to punch up some scenes for the upcoming film. The result being that Bond now has some confusing feelings about the head of the Catholic church.

Craig also gives us a sneak peek at his 'favourite scene' from No Time To Die, in which Bond tries to get information from Chloe Finman's femme fatale. In the process, he casually gets involved in a game of craps, and when he starts winning he finds it's a far greater rush than being an international secret spy.

There's, of course, a gag about Bond's favourite drink, with Craig nixing his usual vodka martini and instead opting for a vodka and red bull in a "pint glass please."

Craig also had a skit for the Knives Out fans where he brings in accent coach Beck Bennett to help him nail the distinct 'southern accent' for Benoit Blanc.