Although Craig David only had a short stint as the DJ for the pool party on 'Love Island', it's obviously made an impact on him.

So much so, in fact, that David is now eagerly trying to convince ITV to have him on as the resident DJ for the next season of the show. "If they want me to DJ a TS5 set, I’m there," Craig said. "I’ll be a regular – put me on. I’ll always put on a pool party when they need me."

David played a 40-minute set for the contestants on this season of 'Love Island', and by all accounts, they were excited to see him. Speaking to the Daily Star, David said that "it’s the most flattering thing – to go out there and see them run down the steps with excitement. It was a proper pool party, too."

Interestingly, the singer-DJ might get his wish after all. As previously reported, 'Love Island' is now moving to two shows a year, with the winter edition being set in South Africa whilst the summer edition is set in Majorca. Obviously, since South Africa is so hot, a pool party isn't out of the realms of possibility.

The winter edition of 'Love Island' is expected in January of 2020, so don't be surprised if Craig David turns up for another pool party DJ set.