Please take the time to sit down for 12 minutes to watch TV presenter Conan O'Brien as he addresses the graduating class of 2020.

With graduates around the world currently unable to attend their university or college for their graduations due to the current times - if you're one of these people you should watch Conan O'Brien's Harvard speech too.

With himself as a Harvard alumni, back in the '80s the comic and TV presenter ran the highly regarded university's humorous publication 'The Harvard Lampoon', graduating with his degree in History and Literature back in 1985.

In his address to the graduating class of 2020, Conan begins by saying: "The administration has given me only 10 minutes to speak today, instead of the traditional 20. I promise to do my best, since everyone's in such a big hurry to get back to doing *absolutely nothing*."

The comic also speaks of the faculty members deciding against the traditional handshake for graduates, and instead have rolled out virtual butt-bumps on TikTok this year.

He manages to thank Harvard for giving him honorary degrees in both philosophy and physics and urges those watching to see him as a fellow classmate, saying: "A fellow classmate who looks like sh*t. Somehow kind of wrinkled and bloated at the same time, very hard to do."

Here's Conan O'Brien's Harvard speech which is worth every minute of your time.