If you saw a short video, maybe five to ten seconds long, and it made you cry laughing, odds are you saw a TikTok video.

The social media platform essentially allows people to create short videos with music overlay, or in some cases, just for making stupid - yet hilarious - videos.

Much like the dearly-departed Vine, TikTok has funneled comedy sketches into the most compact of timeframes for maximum effect. It's a short blast of humour and it's almost always funnier on repeat.

This applies, in particular, to this stupid - but, again, hilarious - video of a cat effectively dancing along to the Chordettes' 1954 hit, 'Mr. Sandman'. The video has, in the space of one single day, gained close to 10 million views and started off a string of copycat (no pun intended) videos with a similar theme.

While some may feature a cute-looking pup or even an equally fluffy cat, none of them have had the same impact as this little video.

Take a look and see for yourself.