Abed's prophecy has come true - 'Community' will indeed be getting "six seasons and a movie!".

The beloved cult classic, which first ran from 2009 to 2015, is finally getting a film outing with the majority of the original cast returning.

Show creator Dan Harmon, who has gone on to tremendous success with 'Rick and Morty', will serve as an executive producer on the film as well as taking up writing duties.

'Community' was the brainchild of Dan Harmon, and saw former hotshot lawyer Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) enroll in a community college.

Jef meets a colourful cast of characters, including Danny Pudi's walking movie buff Abed, Alison Brie's preppy Annie, Gillian Jacobs' steely Britta and reformed jock Troy played by Donald Glover.

There's no word yet if Donald Glover will be returning, nor was there any sign of Yvette Nicole Brown's character Shirley, but we can be certain that Chevy Chase's character Pierce will not be returning.

Chase was written off the show after repeated clashes with Harmon, and was later killed off for good measure.

'Community' presented itself as a conventional sitcom, but later became famous for deconstructing the tropes and cliches associated with the format.

In a statement, Jason Clodfelter from Sony Pictures Television said "Community was light years ahead of its time when it premiered on NBC in 2009 and we are thrilled to once again visit the brilliant minds of Dan Harmon, Andrew Guest and this impeccable cast."

"We are grateful to Peacock, our partners at UTV and to all the zealous fans who have cherished this iconic show."

The film will air on the streaming service Peacock in the United States, which leaves an Irish and UK release fairly ambigious.

Then again, it wouldn't be 'Community' if it made something simple needlessly complicated.