Alison Brie, who played naive Annie in the sitcom, was asked if the longtime-rumoured follow-up production is still on the cards.

A 'Community' movie is still up for consideration according to one of the main stars of the show. Alison Brie, who appeared in all six seasons of the series as Annie Edison, opened up about the prospects of a sequel being made - and it sounds like the wheels on the production are still turning.

Speaking on WrapWomen’s 'UnWrapped' podcast, Alison shed some light on "actual conversations" that are currently ongoing. She said: "You know what, I’ll say it. There’s been movement. There’s been some talks. People are talking and certain things — wheels are turning. I said it!

"I'm saying here are legitimate conversations that are happening. Whether or not they will ever turn into an actual movie - I would love it if they did and I hope that they do - but the fact alone that actual conversations are happening is I think the most progress we've ever made on that front."

Talks about a 'Community' movie were opened up in 2020 following a table read with all of the main cast of the sitcom (minus Chevy Chase). The cast of Donald Glover, Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Brie joined creator Dan Harmon to read the season five episode entitled 'Cooperative Polygraphy' where they expressed interest in returning to their characters once again in the future.

Joe Russo, who executive produced the series with his brother Anthony, previously stated that he would be up for making a movie with the original cast. However, now that the brothers are busy doing $200 million Marvel and Netflix productions, will they still be keen to board the potential project?

Since 'Community' ended, Alison Brie has slowly been making her way from acting to directing and executive producing. Since her main role in Netflix's 'GLOW', the 39-year-old directed an episode of Disney+'s 'Marvel 616' documentary series and also executive produced her husband Dave Franco's upcoming movie 'Somebody I Used To Know', which will see her star opposite her 'Community' co-star Danny Pudi.